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2019 People's Choice Winner

There is something about the wind blowing through my hair when I ride in my "DIXIE" jeep.

Growing up in a large family with 6 brothers and 1 sister, you got to see a lot of interests my brothers had. Watching them come home with their cars and talking about them, I knew one day I wanted that special car, but never knew what it would be.

My love for "Dixie" started back in 1979-1985 when my family would sit around the TV and watch Dukes of Hazzard. While watching you would see the General Lee getting chased by Rosco and then you would hear "shepherd to Bo Peep". There she was, this beautiful white jeep with no doors and no roof, going to save the Duke Boys & the General Lee. Watching the show on a regular basis growing up, I knew that one day I wanted my own Dixie Jeep. Sure there was the General Lee in all it's glory, but there was something special about that jeep. The jeep they all call "Dixie".

Over the years, I gave up looking for one as they were very hard to find, and frustration was setting in. But I did not give up thinking about one. No way!

Fast forward to 2012 to a small computer screen and a car page on Kijiji. There she was and I hoped she'd be mine. I asked my husband to contact this person to see if it was still available. Oh my word!!! Those words "yes it is still available" just made my day and I knew we had to go look at it. So off to Gimli, Manitoba we went.

My excitement was high, but still calm enough to realize if it was too damaged we would not get it. The jeep was used as a trail and hunting vehicle and had been used a lot. We were told about the things that needed fixing in order for it to drive. As we were heading there I mentioned to my husband "when he opens those barn doors and I get that OH MY WORD moment and "car chills" I will know. We pulled up and walked out to the barn with our anticipation and excitement high. He opens the door and there she is "Dixie" looking right at me. I knew right then that she was coming home with me. Was she perfect? No way. But I knew with hard work and determination she would be what I wanted.

She has an all metal body and a fiber glass hood with the Golden Eagle on it. She has the original 304 AMC motor and yes she is a V8. She has the dashboard signed by Catherine Bach "Daisy Duke".

Are we going to add to our collection. I don't know. But the curiosity is always there. Have dreams been fulfilled with Dixie? They sure have. In July 2017 my biggest dream came true, when we trailered our jeep down to Luray, Virginia and went to COOTERS LAST STAND.

Here my jeep was displayed along side the original cars from the TV show. My jeep was sitting in front of Cooter's Place. Oh my word tears flowed. The next 2 days were amazing and filled with a lot of dreams coming true. My jeep even made it into the Cooters Last Stand video and a YouTube video. I have had the opportunity to meet most of the cast of Dukes of Hazzard at World of Wheels and in Luray, Virginia. I have met...

- Sorrell Booke "Boss Hogg"

-Ben Jones "Cooter"

- Miss Alma (Ben Jones's wife)

-Tom Wopat " Luke Duke"

-John Schneider "Bo Duke"

-Catherine Bach "Daisy"

-Sonny Shroyer "Enos"

-Rick Hurst "Cletus Hogg"

-Don Pedro "Sheriff Little"

-Dorothy Best (James "Rosco" Best wife)

Having the opportunity to show people your dream car is amazing. You get the chance to talk about your dream and how it came about. I have had the opportunity to go to different car shows...

-Heritage Classic Car Show in Steinbach, MB

- World of Wheels in Winnipeg, MB

-Walhalla, North Dakota

-Warroad, Minnesota

-Devils Lake, North Dakota

-Cooters Last Stand Luray, Virginia.

Working on a dream car is a huge achievement and rewarding. Not only do you make life long car buddies, but you can also be rewarded with some "hardware" for all your hard work. Some of the awards I have come home with and display with honour are...

-People's Choice

-Judge's Choice

-Kid's Choice

-Piston Pete Award

-F.R.E.S.H Award (Female Road Enthusiasts Honor)

-Best Display and many more.

There is always something to reach for and as long as I can continue pursuing my dream and passion, I will continue to reach that goal.

" Bo Peep over and out"

"Keep it Between the Ditches"

Annette Hiebert


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