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  • Heritage Classic Car Show

Clearview Co-op

Clearview Co-op takes pride in being a different kind of business. One that is owned by its members and gives back to the communities it serves. We are proud to serve the communities and surrounding areas of Steinbach, Landmark, Grunthal, Mitchell, South Junction, Lorette, Vita, Ste Anne, La Broquerie, St Malo and most recently Richer and Fort Frances, Ontario.

We continue to grow with the support of our communities, so it is important we give back to the causes and organizations that make a difference.

Mennonite Heritage Village is one of those organizations and we are proud to be a part of this year’s Heritage Classic Car Show once again.

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Heritage Classic Car Show

July 20, 2024

Please note: You must be in attendance to received registration items and awards 

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